Jorge Masvidal’s star is at its peak. The Cuban-American sealed his place in UFC legend by beating Nate Diaz and winning the BMF title. Since his victory, all the talk has been about who should he fight next. Some think he should fight Diaz in a rematch, although the UFC is against this.

The most likely option is a title fight against the winner of Usman v Covington. That would be a just reward for his incredible results this year. However, Conor McGregor’s name has also been thrown into the mix. But does anyone think that would actually be a good idea?

One man who is totally against this fight is Firas Zahabi. The Tristar MMA head coach is one of the most respected minds in the sport. He believes that Masvidal would blow McGregor away.

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Size Matters

What it comes down to is the fact that Masvidal is bigger than McGregor. Since moving up to welterweight, ‘Gamebred’ has entered the prime of his career. McGregor did fight twice against Nate Diaz at 170lbs but gassed out with the extra weight. He’s a natural lightweight. In short, that’s why Firas Zahabi believes that Masvidal would steamroll McGregor. He told the Tristar Youtube live:

“I think [Masvidal] beats McGregor. I think McGregor is a great fighter, I just think Masvidal is too big. He’s a great puncher and has a great chin. If he takes McGregor past the two rounds, it’s going to be the Masvidal show.”

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Zahabi continued that he believes McGregor would struggle with Masvidal’s physicality. In short, he believes the odds would be stacked against the Irishman. Although there is the possibility of him winning, it’s less likely than many would believe. Masvidal is an excellent boxer and he’s never been knocked out.

“I think he’s very smart. He’s gonna do it,” he continued. “I’m not saying McGregor has no chance of winning, but he’d have to win early and he’d have to connect with the left. And, everybody kind of knows now what McGregor does. I think Masvidal’s gonna have a really good game plan, come really prepared, and he’s a lot bigger. If McGregor had a hard time with Nate, he’s going to have a tremendously difficult time with Masvidal.”

It’s worth mentioning that winning early by connecting with his left hand is McGregor’s speciality. However, when the fight enters the third round, that’s when things tend to go downhill for the Irishman.

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Easy Money

Masvidal himself is in no doubt about what would happen. He believes he’d run through McGregor. The BMF champion called the media mean for hyping up the fight because they make him feel like a bully.

“Some of you motherf*ckers are mean because you know what the f*ck I’ll do to that little dude,” Masvidal said at Saturday’s post-fight press conference when asked about McGregor. “I’ll f*ck that little guy up. He’s a f*cking midget. Dana White, president of this motherf*cking company said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people want to see him hurt for the stunts he’s been pulling, but he don’t want this sh*t.

In fairness, the man probably has a point.

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