Jorge Masvidal Promises to ‘Baptise’ Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the most controversial fighter on the planet. First of all, the last three years have seen him get arrested more times than he’s fought. Then you have to consider his trash talk. The Irishman isn’t afraid to say what he thinks even when it’s blatantly sexist or racist.

One man who has a poor opinion of ‘The Notorious’ is Jorge Masvidal. ‘Gamebred’ has had an astonishing 2019. He won the BMF title and scored a knockout of the year over Ben Askren. In short, his combination of charisma and chaos have made him a star. They may even fight next year.

However, McGregor has to get past Donald Cerrone first. If he beats ‘Cowboy’ then options will open up. But make no mistake, Masvidal believes that he will walk through the Irishman. Would this be a good fight for McGregor or should he stay as far away as possible from the Cuban-American?

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The Florida resident fully believes that he will destroy Conor McGregor. First of all, he’s said that he is too much man for the Irishman. You could definitely argue that he has the power advantage. Of course, McGregor has to get past Donald Cerrone before we even talk about them fighting each other.

“He gets melted,” Masvidal said. “What the world is looking for is for him to suffer and get chastised for some of the things that he’s done in public. Everybody’s gonna feel sorry for him after the fight, I can tell you that much. They’ll forgive him all after the fight. This baptisms going to be a little extra for Mr. Conor.”

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‘Gamebred’ also had words to say about his former teammate and friend Colby Covington. ‘Chaos’ just lost to Kamaru Usman. Furthermore, he left the fight with his jaw broken. Masvidal thinks that it’s a case of karma because Covington has been obnoxious over the past few months. This has caused many UFC fans to look past his performances. He said:

“Now this individual, when people are trying to get a reaction out of him, he’s reporting people on Instagram! He took the comments off so you can’t comment on them and then he’s reporting people on Instagram that were commenting on him. He was saying how negative they are towards him and stuff. This is a guy that’s calling people virgins, calling people nerds and saying they live in their parents’ basements, marks, snowflakes, making fun of Brazilians.

That country, it’s not like it’s a rich country and it’s doing well. They’ve got a lot of poverty over there. They’ve got a lot of people that take it to heart what he’s saying and he doesn’t give a flying f*ck. And he does that all for a like on Facebook, for a paycheck for the three, four, five PPVs that it went up with. That guy’s a clown and he got what he deserved.”

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Masvidal makes no apologies for wanting the biggest paydays possible. At the end of the day, he has a family to provide for. That’s why he doesn’t care if he gets a title fight as long as he is rewarded for his appearances. Now, he’s 35 years old and doesn’t have long left in the fight game.

My journey’s been long. 16 years. I want to be handsomely rewarded,” Masvidal said. “A big part of that 16 years, there was a lot of instability because money wasn’t coming in, paychecks weren’t coming in. I wouldn’t mind setting up that future for my grandkids, so the fight that can get the biggest zeroes attached to it, that’s the fight we’re gonna take.”

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