WATCH: MMA Fighter Shatters Arm After Brutal Slam

By Darren
WATCH: MMA Fighter Shatters Arm After Brutal Slam

MMA is a very tough sport. Fighters have to train in many disciplines to be competitive in the cage. First of all, they need to be able to throw and take a punch. Furthermore, they need to be able to grapple and defend a takedown. Finally, they also need to be lucky and avoid injuries.

When we think of injuries the first things that come to mind are crazy knockouts or wild submissions. But often, the worst damage comes as a result of freak incidents. In short, that’s exactly what happened at Combate Americas 57 in Lima, Peru.

One very unfortunate MMA fighter was trying to defend against a takedown when he ended up getting slammed on his own arm. Long story short, he ended up suffering a very nasty break. You can check out the footage below if you’re so inclined, but be warned: it’s NSFW and it’s savage.

Broken Arm

Breaking your arm isn’t fun at the best of times. But this is a particularly gory looking incident. Tucto and Becerra were tussling against the fence before the moment happened. Then Tucto went for the takedown. Becerra tried desperately to defend, but it ended up costing him dearly as you can see above.

He was slammed straight down on the mat. Because his arm was outstretched beneath him, it buckled under his own body weight. The poor man suffered a brutal injury. To sum up, it doesn’t look like he will be fighting anytime soon because that is going to take some healing.

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Lightweight Tournament

The night saw a fascinating tournament format which saw each fighter get the chance to advance to the final. Eventual winner Bandeney won three fights on his way to the final. Each fighter fought a one-round eliminator before the semi-finals and finals which were three-rounders. In short, it made for a night of fast-paced entertainment, with several KOs and TKOs.

Bandeney won the hard way. First of all, he took a decision in his eliminator. Then he got a TKO win over Jose Luis Verdugo in the semifinal. Next, he went all three rounds with Erick Gonzalez. In short, it was a long night for the former UFC fighter. But it was definitely fantastic for him to win in front of his hometown Peruvian fans. It would be fascinating to see a bigger promotion use a similar tournament format because it worked well on the night.

The UFC veteran should get a chance to fight for the Combate Americas lightweight title next.

Full Results

For full results from a night of action in Lima at Combate Americas 53, see below:

Humberto Bandenay def. Erick Gonzalez via unanimous decision.

Erick Gonzalez def. Milko Tucto via unanimous decision.

Humberto Bandenay def. Jose Luis Verdugo via KO/TKO (Rd. 2).

Milko Tucto def. Salvador Becerra via KO/TKO (Rd. 1).

Humberto Bandenay def. Hugo Prada via unanimous decision.

Jose Luis Verdugo df. Lucas Corbage Schloenbach via KO/TKO (Rd. 1).

Erick Gonzalez def. Yoel Jimenez via unanimous decision.

Renzo Mendez def. Kevin Borjas via submission (Rd. 2).