Martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen are widely credited as the greatest in their genre. It was Lee who really brought the attention of the Western world to Asian martial arts back in the 1960’s, opening the door for the next generation of stars after his tragic passing.

Films like ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’ saw Lee bring his fluid martial arts style to the big screen. His teaching and philosophy made him a truly unique character, and his movies helped Chinese martial arts gain notoriety across the globe.


One martial arts star that capitalised on the foundations laid by Bruce Lee was Donnie Yen. Possibly most well known for his roles in the ‘Ip Man’ movie series where he plays the Wing Chun master who taught Bruce Lee, Yen is credited also as being one of the biggest players in martial arts movies from China.

But Yen is not just a big screen martial artist, he is immersed in the art of fighting, studying many different styles, Yen describes himself as a mixed martial artist.


So how would Bruce Lee, the godfather of modern martial arts and arguably MMA, and Donnie Yen match up? Many, including fellow action stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan describe Donnie Yen as the best martial artist they’ve ever worked with.

‘Warrior’s Dream’ pits Bruce Lee vs. Donnie Yen against each other in a dojo setting, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

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