Donnie-Yen-VS-Bruce-Lee[1] Here’s the cool simulated fight video, which is excellent both in choreography and realistic graphics.

YouTube video

A cool bit on Donni Yen from Wikipedia:

Donnie Yen was a rebel when he was young, due to the huge expectations and pressures from his parents as his mother is the founder of the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in Boston and his father was a scholar and a musician. Yen joined a Chinatown gang in Boston, MA, in his early years. He was a very curious teenager who sought to exchange martial arts knowledge with people from different martial arts backgrounds which led to him gaining profound knowledge in practical martial arts, and having a reputation as a street brawler.

There’s one reported occasion that confirms him being an efficient martial artist. According to news reports by Hong Kong news channels in the late 1990s, Yen was at a nightclub with his then girlfriend, Joey Meng. Inside the nightclub, Joey got harassed by a troublesome gang who had taken an interest in her. Yen warned them to leave her alone but to no avail. As Yen and Joey left the club, the gang followed and attacked Yen. According to the news, Yen beat up eight members of the gang who were hospitalized. This incident is still known in Hong Kong to this day – with people bringing it up in discussions concerning real fights as well as when comparing the practical fighting skills of various Hong Kong martial arts actors.

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