If you haven’t seen this guy fight before, you might want to watch this, he also has a much longer reach than Conor McGregor does…

There isn’t a fighter on the planet that doesn’t want a piece of Conor McGregor right now. The UFC featherweight champion has a huge target on his back, and it’s not limited to the realms of mixed martial arts.

The continuous beef and challenges back and forth with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather continues, and just about everyone has an opinion on ‘The Notorious One.’ Even the UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum called McGregor out recently.


Then of course there’s his UFC 197 booking against lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, where McGregor stands to become the first two weight UFC champion in the promotion’s history.

Nate Diaz has a huge feud with the Irish striker going at the moment, and now there’s rarely a news day without some big headline featuring Conor McGregor. Today is no different, but it doesn’t come from the UFC rankings.


Meet Michael ‘Venom’ Page, he’s a Bellator welterweight contender that has the MMA world fixated right now. His funky moves inside the cage are both unique and exciting to watch, and he’s got some serious finishing abilities too.

If you haven’t seen him fight before, you’ll want to skip to the next page where you can see some of his awe inspiring finishes. He is currenly 9-0 with eight finishes coming inside the distance, and also holds a large reach advantage over Conor McGregor.

So where is this talk of Page vs. McGregor coming from?

Skip to page 2 to see Michael Page answer the question ‘could you beat Conor McGregor,’ and also check out his craziest knockouts…

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