Racism is a problem that has plagued the human race since the beginning of time. Add in the fact that when people get drunk they often turn in to bullies, and you have a recipe for disaster….

Bullying is a big topic right now, with many viral videos being used as evidence in certain cases. Harassing someone for any reason is simply unacceptable, yet it happens the world over very frequently.

Many schools and colleges run campaigns to try and stamp out bullying, often celebrities endorse anti-bullying ads to also attempt to aid the cause. The problem is that young adults are very hard to influence, and when you add alcohol to the mix things can get very ugly very quickly.

Drink removes the inhibitions, and this leads to acts of aggression where normally most people would not attempt it. The case in point today is no different, as an intoxicated bully attempts to antagonise a smaller victim.

This happened in Canada, as a bully, quite obviously high or drunk or both, picks on a skater guy for an unknown reason. Then things get ugly, as the bully starts spewing racist slurs to another guy on the scene.

Unlike the skater, the second man is less willing to take the abuse, and what ensues will teach the bully a lesson he will never forget. Violence is never a good thing, but this buffoon pushed the wrong buttons when he dropped the ‘N-bomb.’

Warning! This video contains explicit language and content only suitable for adults of 18 years and over.

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