Join us as we recap the most shocking street fight video knockouts on the internet. *WARNING* Viewer discretion is advised….

Street fighting has become somewhat of a cult sensation since the turn of the millennium, with mobile phone cameras and social media becoming household items, and also the influence of Hollywood movies playing a role too.

The basic human instinct to fight must be acknowledged when discussing this topic too, but the result at the end of it is often the same, regardless of reasoning. Bare-knuckle bruisers the world over try their luck once they have a few beers in them, but then there’s also gang affiliation, hatred, jealousy, and many other defining factors to consider.

When the back brain kicks in, it’s fight or flight, but today we are looking at those who choose to stand and bang. Youtube has become a library of fight videos, and undoubtedly the most famous star born of that genre is Kimbo Slice.

The bearded brawler had many fights go viral, eventually leading to a brief career in the UFC, a pro boxing stint, and now back to the world of MMA and Bellator where he recently defeated the legend, Ken Shamrock.

Of course few will get anything other than a few broken bones, bruises, or a bloody nose to show for their attempts at gaining internet notoriety in this field, but not always are the protagonists aware of their being recorded.

So we have a mix of equally shocking knockouts, but observe the wide range of strange reasoning and lack of logic behind the behavior of the subjects.

Final warning: footage features violence that should only be viewed by people above the age of 18!

Without further ado: The Top 5 Most Shocking Street Fight Video Knockouts….

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