Top 5 MMA Brawls: When Fighters Lose Control & Go Crazy

By Salvador Sanchez
Top 5 MMA Brawls: When Fighters Lose Control & Go Crazy

Mixed martial arts is obviously no stranger to violence, but these controversial brawls show a much darker and sinister side to MMA….

Combat sports tows a thin line between mainstream TV and bloodsport, no matter which angle you look at it from. It’s a mix of widely accepted techniques like boxing, Jiu jitsu, Judo, Karate and Wrestling, but can often be portrayed in a very poor light.

The idea of selling fights, or hyping as it’s known in the industry, means that trash talking and heated confrontations come as part of the package. Unfortunately, these face-offs can get out of hand, leading to much darker outcomes.

When testosterone starts getting thrown around, even the biggest stars can digress to their more primal state. Champions of the sport have been reduced to raging thugs in the heat of the moment, and it gets worse when their posse is with them. If there’s anything worse than a controversial fight, it’s a controversial gang fight.

Notorious brawls have become the ugly but ever-possible cousin of mixed martial arts, and it’s not limited to the major MMA players either, even the smaller shows have their fair show of atrocious scraps outside the cage or ring, or even in the arena of combat.

The adrenaline fuelled need to win convincingly can sometimes cause fighters to literally go crazy on their opponent, completely disregarding the rules and their dignity in the process.

We’ve compiled a video slide show featuring moments where fighters lose control and go crazy before, during and after fights, enjoy!