Jose Aldo may be down, but there are those that still believe he isn’t completely out.

The former UFC featherweight champ Aldo lost by shocking knockout last weekend at UFC 212 to Max Holloway. After a gruelling bout, Holloway stopped Aldo at 4:13 of round three to become the undisputed champion.

And it wasn’t even a close fight, Holloway dominated the entire way. Aldo, who is known for his fearsome leg kicks, threw very little if any at all. This suggests an injury that wasn’t disclosed. But for whatever reason, Jose Aldo just wasn’t Jose Aldo that night.

Jose Aldo seems to be in a weird spot in his career

While Aldo is still very much among the elite at featherweight, he looked nothing like himself Saturday night. Following his loss to Conor McGregor in December of 2015, Aldo had contemplated retirement. He felt as though he was being mistreated by the UFC in preference of McGregor.

Aldo even said he would go on and quit MMA altogether and pursue a career in Football.

Six months later, Aldo was right back in the Octagon and gave a solid performance against a very live opponent in Frankie Edgar.

Then a year elapsed and Aldo was in and out of the spotlight for various reasons. Still chasing a McGregor rematch which has eluded him, Aldo continued his public expression of distaste for the UFC.

Finally, Aldo settled on a bout with Holloway to determine the rightful king at featherweight. Unfortunately for the man known as “Scarface”, things didn’t work out well for him.

More options for Jose Aldo

This certainly doesn’t mean that there is a lack of compelling fights for Aldo however, should he choose to continue his career. There are still loads of interesting matchups to be made, not the least of which is a rematch with Holloway.

And then there’s the prospect of Aldo moving up to lightweight where he can still beat a lot of the top guys. You all know who the king of lightweights is, and that’s McGregor himself. If Aldo can make waves a division higher, he might finally earn himself the rematch he’s been waiting for.

And then there’s Artem Lobov, McGregor’s sparring partner. Lobov took to Twitter to challenge the former featherweight titleholder.

Lobov posts a challenge to Aldo on Twitter

Despite McGregor and Aldo’s long-standing rivalry previously at featherweight, the Irishman seems to have moved on completely from that episode of his career. Which leaves Aldo all but in the dust. However, facing Lobov and humiliating him could entice McGregor to come back for another fight at lightweight.

If Aldo can defeat Lobov and make him look silly, it might be enough for McGregor to want to get another crack. The 30-year-old known as “The Russian Hammer” is all up for a showdown with the Brazilian.

It seems to be a good proposition for Aldo who is in dire need of a confidence-boosting victory. Perhaps a win over Lobov is all he really needs in order to regain his true self.

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