This was an amazing fight while it lasted. However, unfortunately, it ended with a major anticlimax. Jorge Masvidal fought Nate Diaz in Madison Square Garden for the BMF title. It was one of the most anticipated match-ups of the year so far. They headlined UFC 244, the promotion’s 500th event.

These men are two of the most exciting fighters on the roster today. They’re known for keeping it real and throwing down whenever they step into the cage. Diaz has long been a cult hero while Masvidal has had the year of his life. With the Rock on hand to award the belt to the winner, this had all the makings of an exciting spectacle.

To be fair, this was an extremely exciting and savage fight. Both men threw down hard. But although Masvidal had the upper hand, he would not have wanted to win the way that he did. Not by doctor’s decision. However, a rematch could be on the cards once Diaz’s face heals up.


Masvidal and Diaz came out with bad intentions. ‘Gamebred’ actually faked a flying knee and laughed. But then Diaz started fast and had Masvidal up against the fence, as he tried to implement the clinch. But Masvidal was able to deal with it. He landed a couple of punches and a head kick, smashing Diaz to the ground. A bloodied Diaz was able to recover and eventually got back to his feet, but it was a clear first-round victory for Masvidal.

At the start of the second, the two men traded shots. The clear difference between the two was Masvidal’s leg kicks. Diaz was actually turning his body away from his opponent at times as they took their toll. The Cuban fighter landed a brutal right hook that staggered Diaz. A body shot sent him to his back. The pair ended up in the clinch on the ground. Although Diaz hunted for a leg lock, he couldn’t find it and Masvidal claimed the second round.


This was one of Masvidal’s most complete displays in the octagon. In the third round, he landed some exceptionally heavy right hands, staggering Diaz several times. Although Diaz never gave up and had a clear output of his own, ‘Gamebred’ was the much more powerful striker.

He had Diaz’s face bloodied up. But Diaz is one of the toughest men in combat sports. He landed Stockton slaps and threw back shots from the bottom when Masvidal ended up in top position. The Californian is known for his cardio and endurance. So, you would have expected him to come out guns blazing in round four.

Weak Ending

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the fourth round. The doctor took a look at Diaz’s cuts and spoke to the referee. Dan Miragliotta reluctantly waved it off and the crowd booed. It was also tough to take for both men. The latter said that he doesn’t like to leave the cage with his opponent conscious.

However, Masvidal was still awarded the BMF title by Dwayne Johnson after putting on a striking clinic. His KO over Ben Askren was short and sweet, while his knockout win over Darren Till came after adversity. He was on top the whole way through this fight. ‘Gamebred’ is worthy of the BMF title.

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