When you have to run a business in the modern world, it’s imperative to use social media for attracting consumers. No matter which industry you operate in, your target will be to earn hordes of followers on social media platforms like Instagram. And when you have to build up the number of flowers in your account, the most proven way is to invest your time and effort every day to help your account grow. While it is possible for an influencer to hone her skills and invest time working with the Instagram account, it may be difficult for you to secure new followers.

Best Brands for buying Instagram likes & follower

Purchasing Instagram followers is an effortless way of increasing your brand visibility. It’s highly effective in getting a very high follower count on your business account. Here are the top 7 sites that can help you buy Instagram followers.

1. SocialNinja – Fast & Cheap

The first on the list, SocialNinja is your one-stop solution to buy Instagram followers and boost the number of likes and views. It’s very easy to take control of your customer reach as it brings you high-quality likes from accounts owned by real people instead of bots. It allows you to buy as many followers as you want to without messing with the ongoing Instagram algorithm. This is the reason why it is considered among the best sites to boost followers.

2. GrowLikes – Great for organic followers

Like most of the coveted sites that allow users to buy Instagram followers, GrowLikes is also a trustworthy site that gets you across thousands of real followers waiting to be a part of your account. All you have to do is to choose a package according to your needs and preferences and you are all set to improve your brand engagement. Moreover, you can target particular regions based on the reach of your Instagram account.

3. SocialFellow – Best for new users

Securing a handsome number of followers is not a taxing task when you are equipped with the services of sites like SocialFellow. It’s designed in such a way that even a novice can understand and use the services for improving the number of followers. All you will have to do is provide some basic information about your account and the kind of followers you’re looking for. As soon as you are ready with the payment, you can see your Instagram followers building up within no time.

4. SocialCircle

In case you cannot afford the time and effort required to grow your Instagram followers naturally, you can try the services of SocialCircle without further delay. Since the followers you will get through this site are not bots or fake, it will stand the test of time. Everything you get is a high-quality engagement which ensures that your performance metrics are improved in no time paving the way for more organic followers in the subsequent rounds.

5. GrownMedia

If you want to do away with fake accounts on your social media pages, you can buy Instagram followers from GrownMedia. It is a reputed source that brings along the much sought-after engagement that can elevate your status rightfully. If your Instagram account has been flat-lining for a long time and you have not managed to generate as many likes and followers as you had anticipated, GrownMedia can help you materialize your goal.

6. Instamighty

If you are looking for a trusted application to increase the number of followers on Instagram, Instamighty is definitely a choice you can count on. With its organic method of increasing the number of followers, you can rest assured that they are from real accounts which will never put your account at risk. There are also some brilliant features to try here.

7. IGScial

If you are an Instagram user willing to increase the number of your followers either for your personal or professional account, you should try the services of “IGScial” at least once. It’s fast, cheap, and easy and delivers the best results for your social media account. And the best part? You won’t have to dig a hole in your pocket to explore the services.

Tips for buying Instagram Likes discreetly

Rather than taking the shady and fake route, the best way to improve your brand engagement is to buy Instagram followers who are active and interested in engaging with your content. Contrary to the accounts owned by bots, you should invest in legit accounts that are owned by real people. Since they will be interested in what you post and share, they will also give the effort of liking, commenting, and sharing.

Signs of fake follower

The first thing you will notice about fake followers is that they have very little info in their profile and it has no posts of their own. Moreover, it comes with a strangely low or high rate of engagement and has generic posts and comments.

What is a good Like Follower Ratio for Instagram?

As per the current industry standards, having an engagement ratio between 1 and 3 percent is really good and that’s what we get to see in the accounts of popular Instagram influencers. But building such a level of engagement organically takes time and you should be consistent and patient to earn it.

Risks of buying Instagram likes & followers

The greatest risk of buying likes and followers on Instagram is that advertisers may not be interested in influencers having fake followers. Moreover, the recently developed IG algorithm penalizes those accounts with fake followers. This is because it assigns a high value to engagement and since fake followers cannot engage with the pages they follow, you are likely to be doomed by this.

Tips for growing your IG account organically

You may be thinking that if you don’t buy Instagram followers, how will you grow your followers base. But when you are equipped with the right strategies, nothing is impossible. You neither have to indulge in any shady practice nor use bots, just follow these tips and you are good to go.

1. Thorough research on the target audience: The last thing you will want is to interact with people on Instagram who don’t share similar interests as you. They will end up unfollowing you within a short time.

2. Have the right plan: Once you know who your prospective followers are, it’s time to see what your rivals are up to. This will help you comprehend what kind of content is in vogue at the present.

3. Use the right set of hashtags: For Instagram, hashtags are still considered an effective tool for visibility. While you don’t need to use all the hashtags allowed by the platform, a set of well-researched hashtags is all you need to increase your base.

4. Promoting the account on other platforms: The greatest benefit of social media platforms is that it allows you to promote your content on other sites as well. You should consider the other channels to determine how you will channelize your Instagram content through them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Instagram delete fake followers?

Instagram doesn’t prevent accounts from buying followers and the same policy is also applicable for purchased or auto likes. But it doesn’t mean that the platform will not take any action against fake followers. When Instagram deletes fake followers, the total number of followers will automatically come down and it’s definitely going to affect your business.

Which is better: likes or followers?

Even though the number of followers on Instagram is highly valuable, interactions like likes are comments are perhaps equally important. This is because when your content is outstanding, your followers will definitely like it. It’s the most common form of interaction that people measure the rate of your success. The higher the number of likes, the better the chances of expanding your reach.

Do likes matter on Instagram?

According to business analysts, likes are the most priceless currency. When an account secures a higher number of likes, your posts will move to a higher position in the user’s feed. Likes are also an effective method of ensuring that all your future posts get maximum exposure. This is because the algorithm of Instagram is so crafted that it shows users more of the content they have shown interest in.

How do you get 1k followers on Instagram?

The best way to get 1k followers within the shortest imaginable time is to buy Instagram followers. However, it cannot ensure that such followers will engage in your content and interact with you through like, share, comment, and save. Other than purchasing followers, you will have to complete your bio, connect with the people you already know, look for your target audience, and finally, find Instagram accounts that can help generate leads and increase the number of your followers.


The growth of your Instagram account is no longer a complicated process. And even though some people may tell you that you are wasting money to buy Instagram followers, the reality is that having a large base of followers helps across all industries. That’s why investing in securing new followers every day is worth the time and effort.

When you seek the assistance of some of the top sites to have Instagram followers, you can easily have a follower count that will leave behind most influencers on the platform. And in turn, you will be awarded an account that’s a lot more attractive for others to follow which will give a further boost to your Instagram account.

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