Jon Jones’s move to heavyweight is one of the most fascinating stories in MMA these days. Who he’ll fight first and when is a topic of debate. However, ‘Bones’ has his sights set on the champion Stipe Miocic. In sum, he believes he deserves an immediate shot at the UFC heavyweight title.

But there is one massive obstacle. Remove Jones from the equation and Francis Ngannou is the clearcut number-one contender. However, Miocic already defeated ‘The Black Beast’ and is understandably unenthusiastic about facing the biggest power puncher in the division again.

Jones is currently bulking up as he prepares for life above 245 lbs. He has also explained why it makes sense for him to fight for the title below. Check out his training footage and explanation below. It actually makes some sense the way he’s broken it down.

Fresh Fight

Jones pointed out that Miocic wants a fresh match-up. A fight with the former light-heavyweight champion would be box-office. Beating Ngannou doesn’t have the same earning potential right now. Furthermore, he could lose to the Cameroonian powerhouse. It makes sense to take the Jones fight now.

“Stipe doesn’t want to fight Francis again because the first fight wasn’t close,” Jones tweeted. “Looking at it from Stipe’s point of view, fighting Francis again is definitely more of a lose situation than a win. Stipe asked for a new challenge, why not fight the light heavyweight goat? Besides we’re way closer in size. What’s more exciting than that?

By the time he heals up my body weight should be right where it needs to be. This fight lines up perfectly,” Jones said. “Stipe vs. Francis is high risk low reward. Stipe versus myself actually makes a lot of sense for both of us. Now you actually have a super fight. Stipe loses the fight is gone.”

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Not Exciting

Miocic confirmed in an Instagram live Q&A session that he isn’t interested in fighting Ngannou. As far as he’s concerned, that ship has sailed. He also knows that the UFC won’t give him another rematch with Jones in the picture. The belt is under siege so Miocic needs to do what’s best for him. He wrote:

“Francis isn’t exciting to me, already put on a 25 minute clinic on how to beat him. Want a new challenge! Would love to box.”

There is exactly zero percent chance of the UFC allowing Miocic to box. But a clash with Jones is definitely possible. Ngannou won’t like it, but that’s life in the UFC.

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Too Dangerous

Furthermore, Daniel Cormier thinks Ngannou would beat Miocic now. The former two-weight champion knows Miocic better than most, having spent over an hour in the octagon with him. But he believes that Miocic took too much damage in his past four fights to stand and bang with Ngannou. Cormier told Ariel Helwani:

“I think Francis does knock him out this time unless again, he’s gone for a long time and Francis refreshes his chin. Took too much damage in those fights between him and I.”

Who do you think Miocic should fight next?

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