A lesson from the master!

Striking in combat sports has come a long way over the years. Where mixed martial arts is concerned, the common opinion is that fighters now exhibit striking skills that are light years ahead of their predecessors.

In some ways that statement is correct, and when you look back at the techniques used in the original years of promotions like the UFC and Pride FC, you could argue that those old fights look more like bar brawls.


Many credit martial arts master and movie legend Bruce Lee for the evolution of martial arts, and also as being the godfather of MMA thanks to his modern studies and forward thinking.

But since MMA has become such a worldwide sport, it’s really today’s coaches that have pushed a new kind of striking style. Also fighters with very unique striking like Jon Jones or Anderson Silva help the sport evolve even more.

Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson

With each new wave of champions comes new tools that can be used, or need to be defended against. One martial arts movie legend in Jean Claude Van Damme feels he has fresh ideas for UFC fighters to get better in the stand up.

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