McGregor also reveals how he’s training for the rematch…

Finally an interview with Conor McGregor that has NOTHING to do with Floyd Mayweather. The UFC featherweight champion has been caught up in ridiculous and frankly annoying rumours about a future boxing match with ‘Money.’ So let’s talk about something different.

After starching Jose Aldo with a spectacular one punch knockout at UFC 194, McGregor looked to switch things up a bit. Talking of Aldo, here’s a rather hilarious meme that’s just surfaced. Better late than never, but all the same it’s funny as hell.


Anyway, back to McGregor, the Irishman was booked in against lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196. That event would prove to be the date of McGregor’s first loss, but it wasn’t against the Brazilian RDA.

dos Anjos dropped out with an injury just 11 days before the fight, and in stepped the hero and anti-BS stylist Nate Diaz. After a short lived but massively entertaining feud, March 5 finally arrived, as did Diaz in a big way.


Nate Diaz put a vintage Stockton beatdown on McGregor in the second round, and it led to a rear naked choke that the overmatched Irishman could not escape. Although they were only a few pounds apart on fight night, it seems the naturally bigger Diaz just had too much in the tank.

Since that time McGregor has just been plugging himself away from the octagon, spreading rumours of a boxing debut that we all know is a hoax.

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