Tim Kennedy just made the perfect description of Vitor Belfort, you gotta see this….

UFC middleweight and former light-heavyweight & heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort has faced much criticism over the years for his abuse of steroids. First getting caught at just 19 years of age, the Brazilian knockout artist’s physique is an ever changing landscape.

Even now in his late 30’s, Vitor Belfort has gone from a ripped freak of nature in 2013, when he knocked out three top contenders in a row with crazy headkicks, to a shell of a man at UFC 187 against Chris Weidman.


With the berserker seemingly gone from Belfort, he showed up at UFC 187 for his long awaited 185-pound title shot looking like a welterweight. He was obviously impacted by the fact he’d now come off the controversial testosterone replacement therapy.

His first round TKO loss to ‘The All-American’ further backed up the notion that Belfort was done. Then came the November rubber match with Dan Henderson, in Brazil, where ‘The Phenom’ was once again looking more genetically altered.

YouTube video

Belfort’s sudden regrowth can be attributed to his revelation that he has found a legal version of TRT. So he’s basically using whatever he can to get his pump on. UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy has released a hilarious parody of Belfort off the juice, check it out on page 2…..

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