Chuck Liddell will probably be able to knock fools out when he’s a pensioner…

Mixed martial arts legend Chuck Liddell is a fan favorite for many reasons. Among the hardcore fans, ‘The Iceman’s’ name brings back memories of a much more simple time in the sport.

Back when Liddell made his professional debut, there were two rules; no biting, no gouging. Although the MMA world acknowledges how ‘savage’ that stage of fighting was, we can help but feel nostalgic too.

Chuck Liddell-Living Legend

Having fought in IVC, the UFC and Pride FC, Liddell is widely considered one of MMA’s living legends. Inducted in to the hall of fame after his 2010 retirement, ‘The Iceman’ took the hard road out of the sport.

Once the most dominant UFC light-heavyweight champion, Liddell would crush his opponents with his ruthless knockout power. Very few chins could survive his awkward punches and inhuman power, those who could would endure sustained beatdowns from ‘The Iceman.’

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79-Liddell’s last recorded win and one of the best 205-pound fights ever…

The Iceman (Training Video Below)

Having taken five losses in his last six bouts, four by T/KO, Liddell’s exit from the sport was not a fairytale one. Many fighters go out the same way, clinging to a dream that is sadly now out of reach.

Although it was rough to watch, Liddell had nothing to prove and went out on his shield. Currently residing in an executive position with the UFC, Liddell still has crazy power in training.

Watch as ‘The Iceman’ shows age is but a number, and DESTROYS the pads held by Jay Glazer:


Most 21-year old guys wish they could hit that hard! Also from Glazer’s Instagram, a cool throwback to the old Randy Couture rivalry:

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