Golden State’s shooting guard, Klay Thompson just suffered another leg injury. Thompson just recovered from the Finals game 7 leg-injury against the Toronto Raptors. The team did not go to the playoffs last season due to injuries of the team’s big stars. Klay just started practicing and preparing for the season restart and then tragically got injured.

The shooting guard did not play a single game last season and was out for 17 months. It is such a shame that after recovering from an injury, he suffered another one. The Golden State Warriors are known for their 3 point stars with Curry and Thompson as their backcourt.

The Golden State Warriors were close to making a dynasty had they one a 3-peat and Durant not leave for Brooklyn. Due to the injury of Durant and Thompson, the team was unsuccessful in making the chip. To put into perspective, Only three teams have had a 3-peat in NBA history, namely the Lakers, Boston, and the Bulls. It would have created a dynasty.

Fortunately, Durant left the Warriors for Brooklyn to create his own legacy. Durant had issues with the team due to the last minute play of both him and Draymond Green. Both had an argument on who will get the last play. Durant felt as if it was not his team so he searched for another.

In most fan’s eyes, Durant never carried a team to win a chip like Lebron did since the Warriors were already the best team in the West prior to joining the team. Golden State Warriors still have a chance to win a chip. The talent is there with the newly acquired Andrew Wiggins and rookie James Wiseman.

One could argue, they have the most complete starting five if healthy. Though Wiseman still hasn’t played in the NBA, the potential and being the #2 draft pick shows huge potential. The Golden State Warriors badly need a big-man for the team to be complete and now they got it. A young talented big-man that could power his way in the paint.

It is very tragic that Thompson was injured but there is small good news. It is reported that the injury is on the right lower leg which is not the same injury prior. His last injury in the NBA Finals was in the left leg that had an ACL tear. So it is highly likely the recovery time won’t be that long.

Laker’s star, Lebron James showed his respect by tweeting a post reaching out to Klay Thompson. Both players have faced in the Finals four times so it shows that they have a history of playing on the biggest stage.

There was a funny encounter with both players as well when Thompson said that Lebron just got his feelings hurt. When Lebron heard the news, he just laughed hysterically and went on to give the Cleveland Cavaliers their first Championship Ring.

Fans are hoping that Thompson can return this season and play with the rookie James Wiseman. It could make the most complete starting five. With Harden possibly transferring to the East, the West needs to have another championship contender team to make the conference more exciting.








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