This is not good…

Remember when former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva claimed fight fixing was a real thing? Given his history of feuding with the UFC, many believed Silva’s claims were more out of anger than a realistic revelation.

With sanctioning bodies and tight regulations, you’d think fight fixing would be a thing of the past by now. Well, according to a number of reports in the last 24 hours, rigging MMA is not completely stamped out, yet.

Great matchmaking by the UFC, but this fight has more to look at than the funny name pairing…

Fight Fixing Allegations in Korea

Back in November of 2015, the UFC travelled to Seoul, Korea for an entertaining night of fights. According to Sports Naver, a Korean website, among many others reporting the same story today, Tae Hyun Bang vs. Leo Kuntz was subject to an attempt at fight fixing.

After reading the translation, allegations are pointing towards Tae Hyun Bang for illegally betting against himself to lose. During a sketchy looking bout, Bang looked surprised to see his hand raised by split decision.

Here’s the translation from Reddit, Bang’s name is replaced by ‘Fighter A,’ due to an official investigation being underway:

The Report

it is known that a Korean martial arts player tried to manipulate in the mixed martial arts UFC tournament, and attention is focused on who the player is. Two international criminal investigations by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced on the eve that A who participated in ‘UFC Seoul’ held in Seoul on November 28, A has been accused of giving up money to the broker before the game and trying to intentionally play against the US player, If you look at the match video, A is not pleased to win the match at all.

Kim Dong-hyun, Choi Doo-ho, Yang Dong-hee, Bang Tae-hyun and Ham Se-hee were victorious among the Korean national athletes. South and South Korea were defeated. Among the winners, Kim Dong-hyun, Choi Doo-ho, and the buckets finished the match with TKO. A victorious match ended with a win. Mr. A, who has failed to compete in the game, is said to have suffered intimidation by brokers and finally embroidered.

Although the translation is loose, you get the idea.

Not a Good Look

Although this is still under investigation, the new UFC owners WME-IMG need this allegation like a hole in the head. They recently got a top-up $100 million dollar loan for their $4.2 billion investment.


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