Absolutely brutal video…

There was a snap, a gasp, and feelings of regret coming out of the ADCC West Coast Trials this weekend. The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) trials are where jiu-jitsu aces attempt to qualify for the organization’s world event in the fall. There’s a lot on the line, but not so much this guy shouldn’t have tapped.

Ethan Crelinston was the one forced to snap his opponent’s limb in this video. The Tristar student locked in a kimura and didn’t let go until an audible gasp was heard throughout the building.

Ethan Crelinsten: Bone-Snapper

In addition to training with Firas Zahabi in Montreal, Crelinsten also lists Renzo Gracie amongst his instructors.

He successfully qualified for the ADCC World Event by winning 4 straight this weekend. His arm-snapping moment came at the conclusion of his second bout during the trials. Later in the event, Crelinsten defeated Ricky Lule to secure his spot in Finland.



Snap and Gasp: Crelinsten’s Kimura

On route to winning a gold medal in the 66kg division, jiu-jitsu brown belt Crelinsten faced Dimitri Salem in his second contest. What happened should serve as a reminder that if you don’t tap, it’s gonna snap.


ADCC 2017 takes place between September 22-24 from Espoo, Finland. Each weight class consists of 16 competitors. Grapplers can qualify for the ADCC world competition by winning a qualification tournament (such as Crelinsten did this weekend) or by receiving an invitation.

FloGrappling will most likely be streaming the event for their subscribers, as they have done for past events.

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