Nick Diaz appeared on the Opie radio show recently, and waxed philosophically about the type of life he has chosen. Evidently, Diaz feels that his simple approach to living and training give him a competitive edge over his opponents.

“You want to come into this with a life and a nice wife, motherf***er I don’t have any of that. I don’t get to go home to my nice wife and nice life. You are putting all that effort into your nice wife and I’m putting 100% into what I do.” Diaz stated on the show.

“I’m going to f*** your whole world up in front of your nice wife and nice life”

That wasn’t all Nick had to say on the show however. As usual Diaz had plenty to say about Nate’s fight with Conor at UFC 202, his next fight, and a potential rematch with GSP.

from Bloody Elbow
from Bloody Elbow

Nick Diaz on Cornering Nate at UFC 202

Nick Diaz was not allowed to corner his younger brother Nate at UFC 202. The elder Diaz still has an outstanding fine with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Although Nick was able to get into the building that night, the commission would not let him corner his brother.

According to Nick, he would have made the difference. Had he been in his brother’s corner, Nick believes Nate would have defeated Conor again at UFC 202.

from Fox Sports
from Fox Sports

“One inch, you know what I mean, that’s the difference between how that fight could have gone. As far as I’m concerned I definitely would have been that inch.” Nick said on the Opie show.

“Come 3rd or 4th round I think if I had been there we would have put it together and got that guy out of there.”

from MMA Junkie
from MMA Junkie

Nate Diaz’s UFC 202 Gameplan

Nick stopped short of being critical of the job done by Gilbert Melendez cornering Nate for the fight, but did express that he would have done things differently.

“The thing about Melendez is– he’s great, he’s really smart and he knows what he’s looking at– but they’re (Gilbert and Nate) training partners, so they are kind of opposite stylistically”. Stated Nick.

“So the things he was telling him to do was more what Gilbert would do. I would have told him what he would do.”

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Nick Diaz’s Next Fight

There has been much speculation regarding Nick’s next fight, but so far nothing is official. For some time he had been a rumoured opponent for a returning Georges St. Pierre, but the UFC 158 rematch seems unlikely now. With GSP and the UFC miles apart in negotiations, it could be awhile before anyone sees Georges fight again.

Other rumours had Nick waiting in the wings in case anyone got injured at UFC 205, as well as possibly a future bout with Conor McGregor himself. With Nick’s popularity at an all-time high, many fighters are hoping to fight opposite him for a chance to raise their own stock. Tyron Woodley called out either Nick or GSP following his title win over Robbie Lawler, and Tim Kennedy has been publicly looking for a fight with the elder Diaz as well.

With plenty of potential opponents, we could hear about Nick’s next fight sooner rather than later.

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