The compulsory hiatus in the world of sports is over, but fans are still worried about the aftermath. The lack of matches makes it impossible to make accurate predictions about the leadership of teams because the games scheduled for January 2022 haven’t been played yet. Thanks to livescore today, you can see what teams have every chance of becoming a champion this year.

At the top of the standings are two well-known clubs, Milan and Napoli. However, these results are intermediate because Inter still has the opportunity to get around them. The team has played fewer games than the competition, so the fans are looking forward to the scheduled date of the postponed matches and follow the results of other clubs.

By the way, Nerazzurri fans assume that the Blue-Blacks’ possible relegation from the Champions League will help them focus on the fight for victory in Serie A. The defeat in the 1/8 finals from Liverpool (0:2) is the basis for such assumptions. It is not known what Inter will choose, but Tifosi is looking for pluses even in such a situation.

The date of the games hasn’t yet been announced, so you should follow the information. Today fans of the Neapolitans and other leading teams are watching livescore results. A small gap of a few points can easily change the situation.

Fight for the Champions League Zone

Not all Serie A participants are fighting for the champion title. Some teams intend to get into the Champions League and are diligently developing the appropriate strategy. Several clubs may be among the contenders, and Serie A results allow us to draw certain conclusions.

The fight for the Champions League zone continues. Lazio diligently held its positions, but the last match, apparently, put an end to all hopes. Today the team is in 7th place, so the opportunity to break through to the main goal becomes illusory.

Juventus and Atalanta are the fourth and the fifth, respectively. Their chances of reaching the final are equal since the Blue-Blacks can bounce back in the scheduled two games. The gap in the number of matches allows fans to hope for a favorable outcome.

Roma is the next contender for the Champions League:

  • the latest victory required great effort, which confirms the readiness to fight;
  • the head coach of the club, Jose Mourinho, has enough experience and can change current results of the 27th round of Serie A;
  • players of the main team got high-quality training.

Don’t forget about Fiorentina either. The most uncompromising team in the league in terms of lost points is only 5 points behind. Very soon, we will know how this fight will end.

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