Chris Weidman on Vitor Belfort's testosterone: 'There's something ...
Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, of New York, was baffled by the comments made today by NY politicians...

Today’s mixed martial arts is in part dictated by prolonged success. While the majority of the pie is split between the ability to finish, the ability to sell, and the ability to to stay healthy, all that matters is that you win.

Fighters have certainly leapfrogged others in light of monumental knockouts or unparalleled microphone skills, but for the most part this sport rewards its victors, especially ones occupying space within the UFC.

As the most prominent MMA outfit known to man, the UFC is constantly undergoing growth spurts. This includes but is not limited to the fall of existing champions, the rise of underdogs, and the evolution of once-in-a-lifetime athletes.

Because of this, maintaining prosperity is often the difference between forging a long-lasting legacy and breaking into pieces while falling from grace. It’s a sad reality, but hanging on to a win streak is a fighter’s best life line in a sport full of carnivores.

Based on demonstrated skill, strength of opponent, and overall potency, here are the most impressive win streaks that exist in the UFC today.


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