muay thai prison fights video

This video delves in to the world of Muay Thai prison fights, where the inmates compete against anyone who will step in the ring with them…..

Muay Thai is one of the most dangerous combat sports known to man. The art of eight limbs combines brutal conditioning techniques with powerful strikes and techniques to produce the East’s answer to Western boxing.

Popularized in the 80’s and 90’s, Muay Thai is now a global sport, but unlike many other Eastern martial arts styles, this was the intention for the Thailand national sport from the beginning.

muay thai prison fights

Thailand is proud of their fighting style, and believe it reflects well on their country that it’s been taken up worldwide and accepted. These are the very same reasons that one maximum security prison in Thailand began allowing their inmates to fight under full Muay Thai rules against any foreign challengers.

Klong Prem high security prison in Bangkok, Thailand created a revolutionary program called ‘Prison Fight,’ and it’s being adopted by many other prisons across the country.

The idea is that the prisoners have a chance to fight for money, reduced sentences and even the possibility of freedom for some. Housing robbers, drug dealers and murderers, the prison caters for anyone from the one year sentence or lower, all the way up to life imprisonment and even death sentences.

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