How did the referee let the fight go on that long? One of the most brutal knockouts ever, and very similar to the finish at UFC 193….

Holly Holm broke through the vale in to the UFC history books this past November 14, with a stunning and shocking knockout win against Ronda Rousey. ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ faced near ridiculous odds coming in to UFC 193, but they meant little on fight night.

Holm came in ready to bang, and ‘Rowdy’ was simply not ready for what was on offer. The head kick that mercifully ended the bout in round two shook the foundations of modern MMA as we know it. For the better?

ronda rousey ufc ko loss 193 holly holm

Who would have thought the humble ex-boxing champion would make such a rapid rise to the top of the food chain in the UFC? If you count the people that placed big bets on Holm at UFC 193, there’s likely to be a handful at best.

So the comments by Chael Sonnen that ‘Holm’s boxing titles didn’t mean anything’ turned out to be as hollow as the man that made them. It turned out that her boxing footwork and southpaw starting game was just too confusing for the befuddled Rousey.

What of Holm’s boxing career you ask? She has a 33-2 record with nine knockouts to her credit, and was the WBC, IBA, WBF welterweight and light welterweight champion, but to name a few.

‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ defended titles successfully 18 times over three weight classes, and is regarded by many to be the best female welterweight boxer ever, perhaps P4P even.

But there was one particularly brutal fight against Anne Sophie Mattis that echoed Holm’s recent fight with Rousey, only it didn’t go her way. *Warning* this is one of the most savage knockouts you’ll see.

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