Continuing his trash talking ways, Tony Ferguson takes aim at John Kavanagh…

After winning the UFC featherweight title, Conor McGregor frustrated the division by taking two fights at welterweight. Although both battles with Nate Diaz came essentially through chance, this didn’t make things easier for the top of the crop at 145 pounds.

Finally dropping back down in weight once he’d gone 1-1 with Diaz, ‘The Notorious’ would still not return to 145. Instead meeting Eddie Alvarez at 155 pounds, McGregor won his second title at UFC 205.

The variables were different, but the story was the same again.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather edge closer to a boxing superfight by the day…


Instead of changing weight class this time around, McGregor was looking to jump to a different sport. Stoking the flames of a then-rumoured fight with Floyd Mayweather, the Irish star irked the top talent at lightweight in the UFC.

Number one contender Tony Ferguson was pissed then, and now that McGregor has signed the contract to fight Mayweather, ‘El Cucuy’ is rampant.

Just check out his cutting Tweet to Conor’s coach John Kavanagh earlier today:

This is far from the only thing we’ve heard from Ferguson in recent weeks. His targets during this month’s rants have included Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Al Iaquinta. Here’s some of his best/most brutal quotes:

Tony Ferguson is the current number one contender at lightweight, but with no belt in sight, he’s growing frustrated…

Tony Is Going Ham

“I’m about to buy him a gift card for Dolce Diet,” Ferguson said of Nurmagomedov (via MMA Fighting). “I’m about to tweet his ass and say, ‘hey fatty, you pick up a dietician yet?’ Because your ass needs to start worrying and thinking about me and start thinking about your future, because if you say that you’re not going to retire, the Boogeyman ain’t going nowhere, buddy. F—king Baba Yaga is coming after your ass. I’m the new John Wick still, and I don’t forget about that, because we got unfinished business.”

“But that’s at a later date. He’s not open, because he’s a little b-tch. He doesn’t want to fight before Ramadan. So, I’m not giving him any [criticism] for his religion, I’m not saying anything, but afterwards, I can’t wait. Let’s go. I want some of him.”

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Tony Ferguson is not happy with Nate Diaz and his lack of fighting…

“Little b*tch,” Ferguson said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I don’t know. I don’t know what his problem is, dude. Like, I understand that you want to say like, ‘McGregor, I’m not going to do your dirty work.’ Dude, I don’t want to go into name-calling, I don’t have to do that, but I’m talking about if you’re a fighter and you’re in this organization and you say that you’d rather go and ride a bicycle, you’ve got better things to do, that’s cute. That’s real cute.

“I might as well Stockton Slap the sh*t outta you. Really? I’m from the 805, man. I don’t have to talk about where I’m from, but I’m tough. I’m a hell of a lot tougher than that dude, because money never made me soft. And sh*t, even if it made me soft, I wouldn’t forget where I came from. Because you know what? You’ve got a place to represent — like you said ‘represent.’ You’ve got a man right here that’s calling you out, and you’re not signing on the dotted line? You’re a clown, dude. You’re fake.”

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