Although McGregor appeared to lose pretty convincingly, he told today that it wasn’t exactly how it appeared. He also defends his decision to ask for a rematch at 170 pounds again. Check it out:

“What kind of fighter would I be, if I said, ‘Hey, I didn’t get you at 170, let me try to get you at 155,'” McGregor said. “I’ll make my adjustments. I ate up to the weight. This time, I won’t do that.”

After pulling out of the UFC 200 press conference, where he was set to square off with Nate Diaz for the cameras, the promotion decided to pull McGregor from the fight all together. Many accuse the Irish star of ducking the Diaz rematch because he got ‘whooped’ the first time. Conor disagrees:


“The first eight minutes of the fight was easy,” McGregor said. “Let’s be honest, I slapped the head off him. Once the gas tank went, that was it. I drowned. He landed that one punch that rang the bell and went, ‘[Gasp,] I’m back.’ He was close to being done. One or two more shots and he would have been wrapped up.

“Swinging on gymnastic rings on fight week isn’t the best thing. Usually, I wrap myself in bubble wrap and only do fight-specific things, but just because of that weight, no weight cut, I had put it in my head that, ‘I’m free.’ I had energy to burn. I was doing so much bounce footwork, the balls of my feet were burned to a crisp. Looking back, it was ridiculous. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Look at me right now,” McGregor said. “Fish, red cabbage, asparagus — I’m nowhere near a fight ,and I’m on the clock with nutrition.”

“It was my idea,” McGregor said regarding the introduction of an interim title. “I wanted to have my revenge at 170, and they’re crying and complaining about the 145-pound belt, which I just won three months ago. That division was killed, it was dead. Jose went down in 13 seconds. What more can I do? I traveled the world with that man. I finally got him in the Octagon, and he only lasts 13 seconds.

“I didn’t see a challenge there anymore. So, I wanted to create interest from a fan’s perspective and my perspective. I want to see them two go at it, with an interim belt on the line. Then I will see people walking around my division with a belt and that will intrigue me. It will make me want that belt again.”

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