The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has produced some truly unforgettable moments over the years. The show now has over 800 episodes in its 7 years of existence. It remains one of the top podcasts in the world.

JRE #803 with Joey Diaz

In a recent episode with comedian Joey Diaz, Rogan jokingly describes how to use jiu jitsu in defense of a deer attack. While watching a youtube clip of a man being attacked by a deer, Rogan insults the man’s jiu jitsu skills.

“That guy has dogshit jiu jitsu,” said Rogan. “First of all, he should be spinning for one of those rear legs, (and) try to get him in a heel hook.”

Joe Rogan posing with a western mule deer.

Rogan continued, talking about breaking a dead deer’s leg by using a common jiu jitsu technique. “I kimura’d a deer’s leg and snapped it after it was already dead. So I feel real confident that I could heel hook a deer, fuck it up.”

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