Conor McGregor’s RUTHLESS reaction to Floyd Mayweather’s boxing goes viral…

Taking a step in to the world of boxing for the first time, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is gambling big time. Although he’s set to win whether he’s victorious or defeated, there’s a chance he may be humiliated in front of millions.

Since the fight was made official a few weeks ago, the Irishman’s clash with Floyd Mayweather has attracted much debate. Most of the discussion, obviously, has centred on the perceived gap in skill between the two men.

Although a great striker in MMA, McGregor is not a boxer. Considering Mayweather’s lineage in the sport, there’s a growing opinion ‘The Notorious’ might get dominated.

Conor McGregor lifts his sparring partner with a right uppercut at SBG Ireland…

Training Footage

Earlier this week we saw training videos from both men released. Arguably looking a little slower than usual, the previously retired Mayweather admitted he was well past his prime. That said, McGregor’s training video showed a highly unorthodox style of training.

The clips sparked the discussion all over again, and again fans were questioning McGregor’s chances. The former featherweight champion sees it differently, however, and his reaction to Floyd’s video was ruthless:

On to the topic of money, as both men are set to see big dollars for this bout. Assuming PPV numbers are met, McGregor is reported to be collecting $127 million, and Mayweather upwards of $400 million.

According to McGregor’s John Kavanagh, this won’t signal the end of the fighter’s MMA career, contrary to popular belief:

SBG coach John Kavanagh says Conor McGregor is not entirely motivated by money any more…

Coach: Conor Will Return To The UFC

During a recent episode of The MMA Hour, Kavanagh had an update to give the fans wondering about McGregor’s MMA future:

“I don’t see any reason why he would not. Certainly money would not be the reason why he would not do MMA again. He has said very clearly to me, ‘Get ready, we’re back in the cage in December.’ I hope someone out there has sparked the interest in him to make him excited about that.”

“It’s not money that’s motivating him anymore. He could very easily make similar money from doing some movies or doing endorsements. It’s the challenge. That’s why he’s in the gym laughing every day. If he left the gym now and stopped fighting, what would he do with his free time? You can only sit in one car at a time, you can only have one meal at a time. Eventually you want to do something that’s enjoyable to you. And that would be Conor drifting back into the gym. It’s what’s enjoyable to him.”

“The motivation for this fight was not money, though of course it’s nice to be well paid for what you do. It was the challenge. And to be told again it’s impossible to do what he’s saying clearly what he is about to do.”

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