Jorge Masvidal has arrived and he is here to stay. ‘Gamebred’ became the UFC’s first BMF champion after putting a beating on Nate Diaz at UFC 244. Sure, the fight ended in unfortunate circumstances after a doctor’s stoppage. But don’t let that take the gloss off of Masvidal’s performance. He was scintillating.

It’s been an incredible year for the UFC veteran. He’s 35-years-old but this is his moment. After back-to-back highlight-reel KO wins over Darren Till and Ben Askren, Masvidal broke into the mainstream. Now he’s an even bigger star thanks to the BMF belt win.

Conor McGregor watched the fight with interest and of course had to give his opinion. It actually looked like he was calling out ‘Gamebred’ after the fight. But now Masvidal has issued a response and has a brutal warning for the former two-weight champion.


McGregor is in a precarious position because people have stopped caring about him. He hasn’t fought for over a year and there have been two sexual assault allegations. Those two factors have combined to stain his name. But he has announced his intention to fight on January 18th. Donald Cerrone is the frontrunner to face him, but there’s nothing official yet. The Irishman tweeted: Hey

“@BurgerKing, could I get a 3 piece with soda and a side chicken box please? Loads of salt and vinegar. Thanks”
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Too Small

Masvidal reacted to this with trademark scorn and intensity. He doesn’t rate the Irishman’s chances against him. In ‘Gamebred’s’ opinion, McGregor is too small to fight him. To be fair, he probably has a point. That would be an incredibly dangerous fight for McGregor, whose best success was at featherweight. Masvidal is on fire.

“(He’s going to) come back to what? Like fighting in the cage? I don’t know man,” Masvidal said. “That dude has been talking wild for a second. If he fights and gets a victory and he wants this – and some of you motherf—kers are mean because you know what the f—k I’ll do to that little dude, bro. I’ll f—k that little guy up man. He’s a f—king midget.”

“You see he punches old people in the face because those are fights he could win,” Masvidal continued. “He don’t want this sh-t. I don’t think Dana is going to promote that fight because you can’t get that guy to sign the paper.”

Jorge Masvidal. USA TODAY Sports.

Not Happening

In reality, McGregor will probably fight Cerrone. To sum up, it makes sense because of Cerrone’s name value and it’s a more reasonable stylistic match-up. Of course, ‘Cowboy’ is capable of beating McGregor, but Masvidal is just on another level right now. The Irishman can’t risk a fight as dangerous as what ‘Gamebred’ would bring.

Furthermore, it’s looking unlikely that Nate Diaz will get a rematch against Masvidal. Dana White said he’s not interested in making it happen. Although Diaz can be justifiably upset the fight was stopped because of a cut, he was getting pieced up. It’s more likely that Masvidal gets a welterweight title shot against the winner of Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington.

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