Jose Aldo opens up with some trash talk about Conor McGregor on the year anniversary of their fight…

After succumbing to the powerful left hand of Conor McGregor at UFC 194, Jose Aldo had to deal with his first ever UFC loss. Until that point ‘Scarface’ was the only featherweight champion in the promotion’s history.

When the time came for his heavily requested rematch with McGregor, the Irishman was unavailable. Fighting twice against Nate Diaz and once with Eddie Alvarez meant ‘The Notorious’ was absent from 145 pounds.


Aldo Was Furious

Realising he would likely never get a rematch against Conor McGregor, Aldo became disillusioned. Already upset with the Reebok deal and other issues like fighter pay, the Brazilian asked for a release from his contract.

After defeating Frankie Edgar for the junior belt, Aldo was adamant that it was McGregor or bust. Leading up to UFC 206, the situation changed, and ‘Scarface’ was promoted to full champion again.

from Fan Sided
from Fan Sided

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of McGregor’s KO against Jose Aldo. The UFC celebrated the moment by again releasing footage of ‘The Notorious’ putting Aldo to sleep. Now that Max Holloway owns the interim belt, a UFC 208 unification bout is the next step for Aldo.

Even with that huge fight on the horizon, talk of McGregor is still never far away. Currently the lightweight champion since being stripped of the featherweight belt, McGregor is clearly still a sore point for Aldo.

Check out what the Brazilian toldĀ during this week’s media scrum:


“He Got Lucky & Ran Away”

“It’s been a great year, I became champion again. A champion is the one who wins the belt and defends it, not a lucky shot that you throw and beat the champion. We saw it with Georges St-Pierre, when he lost the title and he wen for the rematch, the champion won. I’m the champion, it’s been a great year. I don’t know (if Max Holloway is running). We already had one runaway with Conor McGregor.”

“I don’t know why Holloway was talking all that trash. He knew he’d be fighting me on February 11 in Brooklyn, so why is he asking ‘where’s Aldo?’ I see him as a normal fighter.”

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  1. I am sure Conor will KO Aldo again if rematche. Aldo era as a champ when Conor was not around.

    Stop whining

  2. So if the same thing had happened when GSP lost, I guess we would have said the other fighter was better eh? I hate the fan boy crap going on with McGregor

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