Khabib: “Jail McGregor for Punching Old Man”

By Dazzler
Khabib: “Jail McGregor for Punching Old Man”

Khabib Nurmagamedov is Sickened by Conor McGregor’s Latest Controversy… He Believes That ‘The Notorious’ Should Not be Walking Free… 

Khabib Nurmagamedov has been up close and personal with Conor McGregor. The Russian superstar defeated the Irishman in the fourth round of their fight, putting on a brutally efficient performance to beat McGregor by decision.

This came after a long, toxic rivalry that culminated with a brawl between McGregor and Khabib’s teams after the fight. Since then, they’ve gone back and forth on Twitter, with the Notorious calling Khabib’s wife a ‘goat under a towel.’

Now Khabib has responded to the video which apparently shows McGregor dropping a sucker punch on an elderly gent in a Dublin pub because he didn’t want to drink McGregor’s whiskey. Check out his response below.


The Russian fighter has a strict code of honour. He’s a devout Muslim and doesn’t drink alcohol or take drugs. It’s in stark contrast to McGregor who likes to party – and take things way too far. Nurmagamedov is totally confused by how McGregor still gets a visa for the US when his father Abdulmanap cannot. He told TMZ:

“Some friend sent me some message today. He said, ‘Hey, you remember when he tried to give you his whiskey and you don’t take this? Why he don’t punch you? Now he go crazy with old people.’ I don’t understand this.

“I think these people have to go jail, bro. They have to go jail. This happened in Ireland? What happened about Ireland government? We guys from Russia have problem with visa, but why this bullsh*t guy don’t have problem with visa in U.S.A? How U.S.A. can give him visa or something like this, respect or job? These people, they have to go jail.

No Class

According to Khabib, McGregor has no class and you can see where he’s coming from. Punching old men is not the way to endear yourself to the world – and this isn’t the first offence that McGregor has committed. ‘The Eagle’ didn’t hold back:

“I told you guy, this guy have no class, no respect. This is very bad for sport. Somethings he’s done are good for sport but right now, he without his mind. He lose his mind. It’s crazy and government has to smash him, this is my opinion.

“I’m really, really mad about this video. I don’t understand how you can punch old man. How you can punch him. Even if he punch your face 10 times, 20 times. This is big, big disrespect, not only for this old guy, this is big disrespect for all people.”

Khabib Nurmagamedov. Mandatory Credit: Instagram.

Jail Time

When asked whether or not he should be arrested, Khabib was emphatic. He believes that McGregor should definitely serve time for the alleged assault. You just can’t go around punching people and it’s not the first time McGregor has got on the wrong side of the law. When asked should McGregor face jail time, Khabib replied:

“100 percent. Today he punches old guy, what’s gonna happen tomorrow? Nobody knows.”

Not a good time to be a McGregor fan. This one is very hard to justify.