Competing at UFC 205, both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov made big impressions. Facing Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title, ‘The Notorious’ punched his ticket to two-title glory. Although there was no belt on the line, ‘The Eagle’ fought for high stakes against Michael Johnson.

If anyone embodies the frustration of top contenders being overlooked in the UFC right now, it’s Nurmagomedov. Improving his record to 24-0 with his win over ‘The Menace,’ Khabib now rides eight straight in the UFC.

from U.K Headlines
from U.K Headlines

Wins In NYC

Since both men were victorious in New York City, ‘The Eagle’ jumped past fellow streaking contender Tony Ferguson in the lightweight rankings. Meanwhile in the welterweight division, the champ Tyron Woodley has been stirring the pot. ‘The Chosen One’ recently said he wanted to fight McGregor before rematching Stephen Thompson.

Woodley and ‘Wonderboy’ fought to an enthralling majority draw at UFC 205. Yet again, McGregor’s next fight is pivotal to multiple divisions, with the chance of many contenders being left irked.


Multiple Divisions

Including interim champion Jose Aldo, there’s guaranteed to be some unhappy faces when McGregor’s next fight gets booked. With so much business to take care of, someone is going to have to wait around a bit longer, the question is who? Taking to Twitter, Khabib Nurmagomedov gave the UFC an ultimatum; he fights ‘Dana White’s Son’ Conor McGregor next, or he’s leaving the UFC:

What’s Next?

One thing is for sure, undefeated lightweight prospect Khbib Nurmagomedov might leave if he doesn’t fight Conor McGregor next. Unfortunately with everything else that’s happening, ‘The Eagle’ could still be overlooked, again.

McGregor’s rise to the top and his massive sway with the UFC means he can pretty much call his own shots now…


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