Good News for boxing fans because if Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury happens, we might likely see a new undisputed heavyweight champion. It has been such a long time that we have not seen an undisputed heavyweight champion, it is time for boxing to have a one face and one name champion in the biggest division of them ball.

Fun Fact: The Last Undisputed Champion was also from UK, which was Lennox Lewis, so we could possibly see another British Champion. Although during his time, they only held the WBC,WBA and IBF. Now they hold another belt which is the WBO.

One of the issues of boxing is that there are just too many belts and champions that sometimes it is difficult to have one champion that is clearly the best in the division. Even in the welterweight division, Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr have a difficult time in their negotiations since both think they are the A-side since they are champions.

Thankfully the WBO has declared that they won’t strip Joshua of his belt, provided that the winner will fight the interim champion who will also be considered the mandatory challenger within 180 days after the fight.

The WBO has made another fight for the WBO which will be Oleksander Usyk vs Joe Joyce, both are skilled heavyweights so the better boxer could also pose a threat and become the next heavyweight champion as well.


Although it also depends with the contracts that will be made with Joshua vs Fury if the contract will have a rematch clause. If that happens, then we will likely see the interim champion promoted as the clause will allow the loser of the the first fight to have another chance to beat the winner.

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