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Bullies are a plague to society without doubt. When it comes to videos that are satisfying to watch, few can deny the drawing power of a victim taking out a bully. Where does this happen most? In the school yard of course.


Being bullied can make a kid’s life a misery, in an already difficult atmosphere with so many new pressures to deal with. It can lead to long term psychological side effects such as depression and anxiety, which is why the subject of today’s article is so awesome.

The video is gaining millions of views, and it features a kid who uses his three years MMA experience to destroy a bully who picks on him at school.

Watch the skilled young man use some amazing techniques to dismantle and finish the bully:

[flowplayer id=”4150″]

How about that?

On to the next video, and it features a brutal gang attack with a happy ending thanks to a bodybuilder…

Watch the bodybuilder save the day on page 2…


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