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Surprise, Surprise… Conor McGregor is Being Sued by His Alleged Phone-Smashing Victim… Ahmed Abdirzak Claims He Was Afraid for His Life… Alright, Mate Calm Down… 

Ahmed Abdirzak is going to sue Conor McGregor for allegedly stealing and smashing his phone. Unfortunately, we do still have to keep saying ‘allegedly,’ because of legal nonsense. ‘The Notorious’ was caught on camera in an incident on Monday night/Tuesday morning, in Miami, Florida.

He allegedly took Abdirzak’s phone from his hand and then smashed it after he got angry about something. While the British ‘victim’ is claiming that he merely asked for a photo, he can’t keep his mouth shut and it’s been since revealed that he was trying to hang out in the VIP section of the world-famous LIV nightclub all night near the former UFC champion.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to make a quick buck off of ‘The Notorious.’ He’s suing for intentional emotional distress, battery and assault. Good luck mate. This is McGregor’s third lawsuit and second arrest since 2016.

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Abdirzak is claiming that he was terrified for his life. In a dramatic explanation to the Daily Mail – one of the worst tabloid rags in the UK – he explained:

“He walked away with that trademark McGregor strut that you see him enter the ring with in UFC. I’m not going to lie, I was scared for my life – the guy is a lethal weapon.”

Unsurprisingly McGregor’s legal team aren’t having any of it. His defence attorney has called the lawsuit ‘a quick seeking a payday.’ It’s absolutely shameless.

Ahmed Abdirzak. Screenshot: Youtube.

Well Put

Michael Bisping has probably given the most reasonable explanation of what happened in this absolute nonsense story. The dude is very clearly trying to milk McGregor for a bit of cash, and he may well get away with it too if he doesn’t overplay the drama.

“Look at Kanye West outside LAX,” Bisping said. “Kanye West grabbed someone’s camera and smashed it up. He never got arrested, though. So this guy’s – I’ll just say this guy’s a bit of a f—king dick, to press charges. He’s a very, very recognizable famous person. And by the way, I’m not jumping to his defense, (I’m) just being real. He has to deal with this shit on a daily basis, it must drive him up the f—king wall. And who knows?

Conor McGregor’s mugshot. Screenshot: Twitter.

No Big Deal

“I read in the article that it was 5am in the morning. You’re coming in, you’re a bit pissed,” Bisping continued. “You don’t want a picture of you looking a bit drunk at 5am all over the place. You’re like ‘No, buddy, I’m sorry. I’d appreciate it if we didn’t do a picture. Sometimes, you’re not f—king camera ready, because you know that’s going on Instagram, it’s gonna do the rounds, and they’re gonna show the mates.

Sometimes, you’re just like ‘You know what, I’d rather just shake your hand, and have a conversation with you for five minutes, and have a real connection. I’m sure that would be more worthwhile for you. But everybody wants it for the ‘gram. It’s all about Instagram, they want to get that picture. And he flipped. He lost his f—king temper and he grabbed the phone and smashed it. It’s not a big deal. It really, really isn’t.”

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