WATCH: Boxing Champion Adrien Broner Knocks Out Random Fan

By Salvador Sanchez
WATCH: Boxing Champion Adrien Broner Knocks Out Random Fan

It looks like former four-division boxing champion Adrien Broner might be on his way back to jail again…

Boxing and combat sports as a whole is filled with unique and wild personalities. Featured in a sport where two athletes essentially try to maul each other for money, the line between the ring and the real world often becomes blurred.

Boxing is more than just a sport, it’s a scientific chess match, meaning those who succeed are more than just smart. Especially in the modern game, boxers have to be semi-genius to make it.

The sensationalizing of violence comes with its costs, though, as all too often we see fighters going off the rails. One such fighter is ex-four-weight world champion, Adrien Broner. “AB” has seen his fair share of lows recently in his personal life.

Among his issues include brief stints in jail for contempt and a year as a youth when he was tried as an adult.

May 3, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Adrien Broner against Carlos Molina (not pictured) during their fight at MGM Grand. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Broner Loses It, KO’s Random Fan For No Reason

During a video released by TMZ Sports, Broner can be seen dipping back into his dark side. The long time friend of Floyd Mayweather hits the Vegas strip, and appears to be arguing with a female.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, Broner begins shoving the woman before clobbering a passer by. The impact of the punch can clearly be heard and the fan goes down hard.

Watch the video below:

Sadly it looks like Broner will be getting a knock from the LVPD as a result of this latest stunt. It’s a real shame too, because going by his interview with Mark Kriegel, as quoted by Boxing News 24, Broner seems like a nice guy:

KRIEGEL: “You’ve been around a lot of death. You’ve seen a lot.”

BRONER: “Yeah.”

KRIEGEL: “Do you care to remember for me?”

BRONER: “I remember, but I try to forget. You know, I found out the hard way. And I’ve seen that I gotta maneuver different and that’s why I’m maneuvering differently. That’s why I put as many positive people in front of me as possible.”

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MARK KRIEGEL: “Let me ask you about this year. It’s been a tough year for you. You did 30 days for contempt. What was that like?”

ADRIEN BRONER: “You know, I did a year at that place. Fighting a case.”

KRIEGEL: “As a juvenile?”

BRONER: “No, they tried me as an adult. I was only 17 at the time… I missed on the pre-trials. Boom, I beat it, I get out and I become Adrien Broner. My lifestyle is totally different. And then, one day, I wake up back in the same place—I was in one of the same [cells] I was in when I did the year.”

KRIEGEL: “What did you tell yourself?”

BRONER: “I made it the best that I can make it. But, you know, when I was in there. I used to be by myself. I used to try to be by myself as much as possible. But, I told them to put me in general population—because they wanted to put me in protective custody. I can’t do 30 days like that… I helped the whole unit…I just made it a better place at the time. If somebody needs something to eat, I gave them something to eat.”