How Much Money Did Conor McGregor Make Earlier In His Career?

When Conor McGregor was just beginning to make his from a loudmouth up-and-comer to UFC featherweight champion, he completely changed the game and how much money marquee fighters were paid. In fact, he often reminds media and his fellow athletes, that because of him, every fighter has had an increase in their pay.

That’s just the effect he has had on the MMA economy, particularly in the UFC.

McGregor has shattered records on UFC paychecks. His fights have done the best numbers in history and the entire organization has felt the effects. Whether you love him or you hate him, McGregor has fans tuning in to his pay-per-views.


Conor McGregor’s Keen Sense Of Business Has Made Him A Rich Man

Now you can criticize McGregor all you want, but you can’t deny the fact that he is compelling drama and must-see TV.

UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor destroyed all kinds of revenue and viewership records. After that, it was UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz that took the mantle. Then after that, it was UFC 202: McGregor vs Diaz II.

Imagine that. McGregor’s last three fights have all outdone each other as the most watched events in UFC history. What this means is McGregor is raking in the ‘cheese’.

According to the Irishman himself, McGregor walked away from his last bout $10-million. He is scheduled to face UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 this November in New York. Analysts have McGregor taking home a whopping $20-million just for showing up.

This is obviously leaps and bounds from where McGregor humbly began his career in Ireland.

According to lead trainer John Kavanagh’s interview with the Irish Independent, McGregor is in a groove right now, training for big fights and making tons of money. But it wasn’t always like this, he said. There was a time when McGregor was fighting for table scraps.


There Was A Time McGregor Made Just Enough To Get By

“Conor was on the dole, earning €100 a fight and training at the height of winter in a cold gym,” said Kavanagh. “Now, I don’t care how passionate you are, but there are always going to be periods thinking ‘Fu*k this! What am I doing here?’

“Conor’s annual earnings for that five-year period was something like €1,500 a year. There was no money and I was running out of ideas. The UFC was a closed shop.”

So not taking into account the millions McGregor makes now. A few years ago, McGregor was pretty much just like everyone else.

If we do the math correctly, McGregor took home just a little over $8,000 USD between 2008-2013.

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