Mixed martial arts rising in popularity is generally a good thing, but not when regular people try imitate what they see on TV out on the streets. In the video you are about to see, an unidentified man having an altercation with a woman goes into full beast mode and slams the woman to the ground, instantly knocking her out.

Other girls try to come to the woman’s aid as the guy calmly walks away.

It takes a few minutes for the woman to get back up to her feet, but after a brief moment, she slumps to the ground yet again. The effects of the impact were hard and it takes a long while for the woman to recover.

However, as the woman sits upright, she begins to shake and immediately crumbles to the ground once more. Friends try frantically to give her attention as she shakes uncontrollably. It’s a shocking ordeal as the impact of the slam must have been so intense that it triggered a seizure.

Now it is in no way acceptable for any man to be inflicting damage to a woman unless it is in self-defense or in a life and death situation. Every human being has the right to protect themselves but what said the guy in the video did is just plain wrong.

Martial arts teaches us that the best course of action when fighting is to avoid the fight and not fight at all. That way, everyone wins.

The guy did have a nice technique though. The move you saw is commonly referred to in Judo as the Kubi Nage, or headlock throw. It is an effective weapon to subdue an opponent from close range.

In a side headlock position, the executor of the Kubi Nage uses the torque from his hips to lift his opponent off their feet, slamming them on the ground.

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  1. If she wasn’t prepared for the consequences then she shouldn’t have started the fight. She got exactly what she deserved. Her slut friends were lucky they didn’t get some too !

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