Michael Bisping has had enough of Jon Jones’ failures…

Michael Bisping has been one of the most out-spoken advocates of tough penalties for steroid users. Following today’s announcement that Jones’ B-test also came back positive, Bisping is calling for the harshest of all penalties to be handed down on Jones.

Jones isn’t the first person to be busted on a steroid test and then be the focus of a Michael Bisping rant, however. Bisping has long been vocal about his past opponents who would later fail drug tests. Amongst Bisping’s more suspicious losses were to Wanderlei Silva (UFC 110), Chael Sonnen (UFC on Fox 2) and Vitor Belfort (UFC on FX 7).

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How Long Should Jones Be Suspended For?

Bisping is a proponent for harsher suspensions for drug tests failures in part because of an emerging theory that steroid users can permanently alter their physique, giving them an advantage even after they stop using PEDs. Germaine de Randamie referenced a similiar belief when stating her reasons why she would not face Cyborg for the women’s featherweight championship.

Some, such as Bisping and de Randamie, question whether fighters with a long history of steroid use should ever be allowed to fight again. Considering Jones may have been using PEDs his whole career, some feel he should receive a lifetime ban. That won’t be what he receives, however.

Will Jon Jones be stripped of his title again?

A lifetime ban simply isn’t in the cards. Instead, Jones is looking at a possible 4-year suspension. The drug Jones failed for, Turinabol, was developed in East Germany in the 1960s for the purposes of giving to Olympic athletes.

Finding a legitimate pharmaceutical company that still makes it is most likely impossible. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still out there on the black market though. In 2016, 3 major league Baseball players were also suspended for using the drug.

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Michael Bisping Calls For Jon Jones To Be Banned For Life

Bisping spoke to reporters recently, and didn’t mince words with his opinion on what should happen to Jones. When a reporter asked him if Jones should be banned for life, this is what Bisping had to say:

“I believe so. If you have a history of taking performance-enhancing drugs, there’s no place for it. This is a vicious sport. It’s not for everybody. We’re not trying to put a ball into a basket, we’re trying to — you can dress it up however you want — we’re trying to beat our opponents, either into submission or knock them out. Performance-enhancing drugs have no place in this sport.”

“Yes, outside of the Octagon he’s made some very, very bad decisions,” Bisping said. “And unfortunately this is one that isn’t gonna go away for a long time. I think he’s looking at a four-year suspension. And it’s fair to say there’s no smoke without fire. This isn’t his first time. So, I guess we’re gonna see how this thing unfolds, but it’s not looking good.”

“I think it’s fair to say that he has definitely tarnished his legacy. I think he will always be remembered for the stunning performances that he put on. When he first broke into the UFC, he was incredible. Absolutely unstoppable.”

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