Curtis Page, father of undefeated Bellator welterweight prospect Michael “Venom” Page, was recently accused of raping and sexually abusing three girls, at least one of them was underage and was as young as 11-years old.

Page is on trial after having been accused of 22 counts of sexual assault and rapes against three children in a period spanning over one decade.

Page, 60, is a former three-time world champion kickboxer. The father of one of MMA’s most promising young fighters is a well-known figure in the local martial arts community. He has taught martial arts in various gyms all across the London, including ironically a club called The London Predators.

Curtis Page is a respected member of the martial arts community

“In the martial arts world he is something of a celebrity. He is well-known, he is three times world champion at the sport. And has taught many people who have gone on to be world and European champions,” said James Thacker, a prosecutor on the case.

“To those people who he didn’t sexually abuse, he can do no wrong. The prosecution simply says he has a dual personality. Mr. Page had a liking for young girls and groomed them. All of these girls lacked father figures in their lives and looked up to Mr. Page as a person of authority. He drove a wedge between them and their families.” Reports Daily Mail.


Curtis Page’s Son Is Currently Rising Through The MMA Rankings

The prosecutor continued to describe Page as ‘controlling’ and ‘domineering’. He allegedly had his students calling him ‘Master Curtis Page’. Page also allegedly groped his first victim when she was 11. By the age of 12, Page had taken her virginity and proceeded to have a sexual relationship with her for years.

The woman, now aged 42, came to the police in 2013 after seeing a picture of herself when she was 11.

“I looked at my picture and I was just a little girl. This was abuse, this was wrong. He has affected a lot of young people’s lives and it needs to stop,” the woman said. “I cannot sleep another night without doing the right thing. In my heart, I know if he has done this to me, he could do this to others. He is not very well, he is a very sick man.”

The trial is ongoing.

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