Still no love lost between Diaz and McGregor…

After their highly entertaining UFC 202 rematch, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were expected to fight again. Although the UFC had not stated as much, the common practice in the past was to make trilogies.

Especially given how wildly popular UFC 196 & 202 were in pay-per-view terms, the third match seemed a no-brainer. Apparently the promotion were not so keen on that idea.

“Too Special”

Although the UFC has never wanted to play favorites in the past, Conor McGregor was different. With his raw star power and drawing ability, as well as his fighting pedigree, the UFC had found their much needed celebrity.

With fighters like Anderson Silva and other big stars either in decline or retired, ‘The Notorious’ came along at just the right time. What does the heading “too special” mean? Well, that was UFC president Dana White’s defense for not booking the trilogy fight, and he wasn’t talking about Diaz.

Diaz Still Trolling McGregor

Keeping in line with his everyday persona, Diazx is not letting up on his trolling of McGregor. Having told the UFC he won’t fight again for less than $20 million, the younger Diaz bro. has taken a stance.

Unfortunately for the UFC, so too has McGregor. With Rousey’s UFC 207 loss and probable retirement, the UFC is again in need of a huge star. McGregor is absent, and flirting with the idea of boxing Floyd Mayweather.

Perhaps now would be the time for McGregor vs. Diaz 3? Nate certainly thinks so, check out his latest Instagram video, with Stockton slap sound effects included:

Slapped ????

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Given the growing insignificance of the UFC rankings system, anything is possible in terms of matchmaking. Diaz’s star power is there, and there’s no doubt he’s given Conor McGregor the hardest two fights of his entire career.

At lightweight, and for the title, this rubber match could be absolutely huge. Only problem is Nate Diaz is clearly not in favor of his employers, and the UFC seems reluctant to get over such issues.

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  1. I don’t Know about you, but to me,, the Diaz Brothers always bring it. to me thay are the SHOW

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