Mike Perry is a Cult Hero in the UFC Right Now… ‘Platinum’ Just Beat ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira in a Wild Barnstormer… Now He Has Plans to Move Up in the World and Colby Covington is on His Hitlist… What he Plans to do ‘Chaos’s’ Skull is Definitely Not Legal…

Mike Perry is one of those guys in MMA that you’ll either love or hate. His larger than life personality combined with crazy tattoos and a brawler’s fighting style have earned him a cult fan base. One thing drew fight fans to him more than anything else: his ability to keep it real.

‘Platinum’ is the same guy inside the ring as he is outside and that’s more than we can say about the other dude in this story. Former interim champion Colby Covington is probably the most annoying man in MMA today and is on many fighter’s hit-lists.

Now Perry has bounced back from a rough loss to Donald Cerrone, by beating Alex Oliveira in the fight of the night in Fort Lauderdale. While Darren Till is his first choice opponent, he’s got eyes on Covington too and has a nasty R-Rated plan for the Californian’s skull.

Colby Covington. Mandatory Credit, USA TODAY Sports.


Perry is not a fan of Covington as you might guess. Their relationship worsened after ‘Chaos’ predicted that Perry wouldn’t be around the UFC for much longer, as he predicted that the Brazilian ‘Cowboy’ would beat him. That would mean he’d have four losses in five fights, definitely putting his place on the roster at risk. Perry was happy to get the chance to respond to ‘Chaos.’ He told Ariel Helwani:

“F**k him, he can suck my dick. F**k that b**ch, I will f**k him in his f**king skull. Screw that motherf**ker. I don’t give a f**k about him or his life. I will rip his head from his neck.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


The Michigan native also doesn’t have much respect for Covington’s fighting style. The Californian is overwhelmingly a wrestler. While it is undoubtedly very effective, it’s also not the most entertaining style for casual fans to watch. Perry as an all-action brawler brings entertainment to every clash, whether or not he wins or loses. He said:

“What’s he going to do, lean on me? You can’t lean on me hard enough, you ain’t no truck. I will hit you if you are that close to me. I will poke you in the eyes. The ref better be watching. I just don’t care, I sure don’t.”

Jul 7, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Paul Felder (red gloves) fights Mike Perry (blue gloves) during UFC 226 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports.

One Day

While it’s unlikely that these two men will fight anytime soon it does bode well for an exciting rivalry in the future. Right now Covington has nothing to gain by fighting Perry. He is, after all, first in line for a title shot against the new champion Kamaru Usman.

Perry recognizes this and in fairness, he didn’t call him out. He is showing ambition though and would like to take on Liverpool’s Darren Till, who needs to respond to the first back-to-back defeat setback of his career.

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