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Conor McGregor Has Revealed That He Will Never be Able to Walk Away From Fighting… In a Recent Response to a Fan, He Made His Feelings Very Clear…

‘The Notorious’ is now eligible to return to action but the main question is whether or not he will fight again? Many people will say ‘who cares?’ despite the fact that Conor McGregor remains the only true superstar in MMA and one of combat sport’s biggest names.

He hasn’t fought since his fourth-round submission loss to Khabib Nurmagamedov back in October 2018. That fight came two years after last setting foot in an octagon when he dissected Eddie Alvarez to become the lightweight champion.

Now, after the UFC signed a massively lucrative deal with ESPN, his stock has fallen. After pretending to retire, McGregor is now assuring fight fans that he will never step away from the sport. Check out the tweet below as he told a fan what to expect in the near future.


The volatile Irishman insists that he still has the passion and love for the sport to never be able to leave behind him permanently. Despite making tonnes of cash outside of the octagon with his very lucrative Proper No. Twelve whiskey company, he still wants to fight again. He responded to a fan:

“I hear you but I love it dearly. If I am being honest with myself I don’t think I will ever be able to fully walk away from fighting. We are all fighters in this world and each of us will be fighting for the rest of our time here. So why not do it live on PPV baby. Pop a bottle!”

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Dana White has made it very clear in the past that McGregor has always been very difficult to strike a deal with. He’s a canny businessman who knows his worth and could walk away for real right now if he wanted to. However, it does seem likely that he will come back, with White explaining to CNN that McGregor is definitely not retired. He said:

“His retirement? No [he didn’t discuss it with me]. Conor McGregor will fight again. Me and Conor communicate everyday, we’ve been talking all this week. Things are good with Conor and I and we’ll get something figured soon. Just talking about possible fights, possible time to come back. You know, he and I are actually setting up some plans right now.

I’m going to Florida in the next couple of weeks and we’re going to sit down and talk face to face. I was supposed to meet with him down here; we’re going to meet in LA instead.”

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Right Opponent

It’s all about finding the right opponent and making sure the circumstances suit McGregor. He would love the chance to get revenge against Khabib Nurmagamedov but must realise that he’d definitely be fighting an uphill battle in that one and a loss to the Russian could end his fighting career permanently, whether he likes it or not.

A possible clash with Tony Ferguson could be on the cards now that ‘El Cucuy’ has departed from the same management as McGregor. That too would be a very dangerous fight, but more winnable stylistic than taking on Khabib again. It would also legitimately establish McGregor as a number one contender. You could also make the argument that if Ferguson doesn’t get a title shot – which he deserves – then a money fight against McGregor is the next best thing. Make it happen.

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