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We are at the beginning of 2023, and everyone who loves Mixed Martial Arts is waiting to watch scheduled upcoming big fights and also hopes to watch long-anticipated bouts that might or might not happen this year. In any case, MMA fans cross their fingers for such bouts to be arranged and booked by big organizations such as the UFC. 

The same eagerness and enthusiasm that fans have is spread among bookmakers and betting sites as well, which have already launched their extended lists of bets for big MMA upcoming fights, but they are also silently preparing for non-scheduled yet highly expected confrontations for this year. With their hopes, too, for such fights to happen in 2023, most of the betting sites in Germany offer MMA betting markets that can cater to the needs of the most demanding punters. 

Which are the most anticipated fights for this year for both MMA fans and bettors? And why are they so much expected by all?

The four biggest fights that fans definitely want to see in 2023

Conor McGregor Vs. Anyone 

Conor McGregor is now the biggest star in MMA, and it is only natural for fans to want to watch him fight and return to the octagon. There are a number of things that make his return one of the most exciting events in the sport.

First, he was defeated by Dustin Poirier back in 2021 at UFC 264 and has not fought since. This means that he is most likely eager to return and get revenge, at least by scoring victories. 

Second, there are so many scandals and rumors surrounding his name that it is really interesting to see what his future will be in the sport – particularly in the UFC, as there are hints for Dana White banning him for nearly six months. 

Third, the Notorious has expressed his desire to move to the middleweight class, and the truth is that after bulking up during his recovery from injuries, there is a really great chance of seeing him taking up another weight category as well. 

Fourth, McGregor’s career in MMA is far from being over. He is the most popular fighter and for many of the sport’s fans, he is the MMA! 

So, there is nothing more interesting than watching Conor McGregor fight again. And as it turns out that he will return in the first months of 2023, there is nothing more interesting than watching him fight against anyone! 

For some, the ultimate fight should be with Michael Chandler. For others, McGregor should confront Jorge Masvidal, and still, for others, he should face Tony Ferguson. But the truth is that we all expect to see McGregor back more than we anticipate seeing him fight a particular opponent.

Alex Pereira Vs Israel Adesanya

Watching those two in a rematch will be a striking and fascinating spectacle. They have met three times, with all of them ending in Pereira’s dominance. The first two fights were in kickboxing, but the third bout was at UFC 281, where Pereira has crowned the new UFC middleweight champion after defeating Adesanya in the fifth round of a really amazing fight. 

On the one hand, we’ve got one of the smartest mixed martial artists – Israel Adesanya – and on the other hand, we’ve got a relatively new fighter with a very promising future in the sport! So, that is a match-up we definitely expect to see. 

Jon Jones Vs. A Heavyweight Star

Jon Jones is now almost three years out of the fights, but he is to make his heavyweight debut, and there is literally nothing more intriguing than watching him return to regain lost grounds and reclaim dominance. 

At 35 now, Jones is much anticipated to show his heavyweight version and exhibit once again a stunning fighting style, performance, and aura. And everyone awaits to see whether he’s still got it! 

A fight between Jones and Francis Ngannou or between Jones and Cyril Gane would be a treat for the eyes and a highly pleasurable spectacle for the sports fans! No matter who is going to be his opponent – as long as he is a heavyweight star – it is certain that it will be a fight to remember for many years to come. 

Tyson Fury Vs Oleksandr Usyk

This is a dream fight, a fight on the top of our wishlist, not only because it will be drop-dead interesting to see those two combat each other, but also because it looks really ‘tangible and feasible, with the latest rumors holding that booking the bout is closer than ever. 

For Tyson Fury, this fight is going to be the ultimate opportunity to go for the fourth Heavyweight belt (which, notably, if it happens, it will do so for the first time). For Oleksandr Usyk this fight is going to be the ultimate opportunity to dethrone Tyson Fury and claim dominance, something that he really wants.

The fight between Fury and Usyk will be a fight between two giants. Between the two absolute heavyweight kings. Between two legends. And that is the brilliance of it. It will be a fight, which will, at last, determine who is the best of the two and who eventually deserves to be the number one!

What is promising regarding this fight is that it looks like it will indeed happen in 2023. Everything seems to have taken on the right pathway to make this bout happen and give us the absolute pleasure and excitement of watching the two giants confront each other. 

Just stay tuned, and you won’t get disappointed…

These four fights are just what we want to see in 2023 in order to admit that it will be an interesting year, boxing-wize. There is still room for these fights to happen in 2023, so stay tuned to see whether they will be booked and arranged so that you can enjoy them! 2023 can be an amazing year, MMA-wise!

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