Do you even TRT bro? Vitor Belfort looks like age might finally be catching up with him, check out the gut on ‘The Phenom’ in his latest post…

Former UFC heavyweight and lght-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort has undergone many physical changes during his lengthy mixed martial arts career. During his early days, the teenage ‘Phenom’ was a chunk of pure muscle, and used his devastating hand speed to decapitate his opponents.

In just his third fight as a professional, Belfort won the UFC heavyweight tournament with a thunderous pair of TKO victories over Tra Telligman and Scott Ferrozzo on the same night. He was just 19 years old.


Then, after winning and losing the light-heavyweight title in the UFC, Belfort failed a drug test after his Prode 32 loss to Dan Henderson. Then competing at Cage Rage and Affliction, ‘The Phenom’ looked considerably smaller:


Then the time came for Belfort’s return to the UFC and once again we saw a transformation in his physique. He re-debuted for against Rich Franklin at UFC 103, and by the time UFC 152 came around, he once again looked like he was 19 years old, but even more ripped.


So was the former UFC champion on the steroids again? It’s been heavily rumoured, and since brought to light following a leaked email between UFC employees that he was taking some sort of enhancers.

Then came the TRT vitor, followed by shrivelled Vitor against Chris Weidman, then the slightly thicker version vs. Dan Henderson in their trilogy match. Overall, Belfort’s weight and physique has basically gone up and down, in and out and ripped to soft many times.

But now the latest version of Belfort has emerged, and ahead of one of the most dangerous fights possible in the UFC middleweight division. Check out the latest image of Vitor Belfort’s physique, courtesy of his Facebook page:


That gut tho!

A few ideas for new nicknames for Belfort: ‘Don Vito’ Belfort, Eator Belfort and The Phenomnomnom!’

It’s scary to think he’s fighting Jacare Souza in Brazil next fight, who looks like this:


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