We already knew going into this massive superbout that the promotion leading up to the blockbuster Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight was going to be off the charts. Fans expect insults flinging from left to right. And it comes hardly a surprise that some of the dirt thrown each way would hit way below the belt.

But how do we know when it’s all just a little too much?

It all depends on how you look at it. Or how well you take the hits. While some people merely laugh off McGregor’s antics, a lot of people are easily irked by it. One particular McGregor gimmick last week caught the attention of even a famous NBA basketball player.

The UFC lightweight champion was seen with his usual swaggy walk, this time rocking a basketball jersey with a familiar number and name.

Last week, Conor McGregor was spotted rocking a CJ Watson GSW jersey

Even Golden State Warriors F/C Draymond Green reacted to the photo, but he didn’t quite understand why McGregor wore the jersey. So McGregor set him straight. He wasn’t wearing Green’s jersey after all. The jersey belonged to CJ Watson, the man who allegedly had an affair with Mayweather’s ex, Josie Harris. Mayweather allegedly battered Harris, in a fit of jealousy.

“Conor McGregor’s exploitation of the events surrounding Mayweather’s violent beating of Josie Harris, for the sole purpose of promoting an upcoming boxing match and taunting his opponent in the ongoing media-driven feud between the two fighters, demonstrates not only an insensitivity toward the emotional well-being and privacy of the victim of Mayweather’s domestic violence, but also a general disregard for the physical and emotional trauma and long-lasting psychological impacts suffered by victims of domestic abuse,” Josie’s attorney, Dan Friedlander, tells TMZ Sports.

McGregor of course, is known for his wild out-of-the-box antics. And his complete disregard for anything and everything when it comes to his insults. McGregor believes that mental warfare is all part of the game. All is fair in love and war, or so they say.

Now, Josie Harris, Mayweather’s ex and mother of his children, speaks up

“In the aftermath of the events of September 9, 2010, Josie Harris, like many of the victims of domestic violence, continues to endure the emotional and psychological trauma, shaming, humiliation, blaming and embarrassment caused by Mayweather’s violence and further perpetuated by his continued public denials, disclaimers, excuses and deferrals of responsibility of his actions, including Mayweather’s defamatory statements made against Harris made during 2015 interview with Katie Couric leading up to his fight with Manny Pacquiao,” Friedlander continued.

“Although McGregor played no part in Mayweather’s physical and emotional abuse of Harris, his exploitation of the events of September 9, 2010, for publicity, entertainment, and personal gain, demonstrates a lack of sensitivity toward Harris and her three children who witnessed Mayweather’s violence and the trauma they have suffered, and continue to suffer as a result of Mayweather’s conduct.

Of course, Mayweather did the time after being sentenced to 87 days in jail due to domestic violence raps. It was highly-publicized and fans lambasted the boxing champion for it. However, after two months, Mayweather was released.

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