Once again we find ourselves taking a look at MMA against a more traditional style of martial arts. Only this time the result is not as it often turns out. When pitting a traditional style such as Kung Fu or Karate against MMA, the result is rarely in the favor of the ‘old style’ martial artists.

Just the other day we watched a Kung Fu master challenge a mixed martial artist, and it was the MMA fighter who destroyed the traditional style. But today’s article focuses on two very well known fighters in their own right.


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is the ‘UFC Legend’ mentioned in the title. He was sparring a fellow all time great from Muay Thai in the video, which was posted today (April 12, 2016).


It’s Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr who is the second fighter in the video, and he shows that MMA doesn’t trump every traditional martial art. That said, GSP gets in a few very clean shots of his own too…

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