It is perplexing that there are people with little to no training background that are stupid enough to step in and try to defend themselves against a trained fighter. These altercations usually end up being filmed and posted on youtube, much to the chagrin of the challenger. It seems we will never run out of videos and stories of a “street fighter” or self-touting tough guy who struts into a gym looking to challenge a trained athlete. The funny thing about it is that most of the people in these videos have no idea what they are doing, and usually end up lying on the floor wondering what happened.

In our first gem of a video, a man walks into a gym an decides to tell the instructor, who happens to be named King Webb, that MMA doesn’t work, and that he can beat him in a real street fight. After being shunned by Webb, the challenger continued harassing Webb multiple times during a 6 week period. The challenge was accepted after repeated phone calls to Webb and his wife and telling people in town that Webb was afraid of him.

Watch the video below to see the result


It is hard to debate that this guy didn’t get what he deserved. Webb showed restraint by declining the challenge initially, but when the man persisted and started trashing his name and gym, there was little he could do but accept the challenge.

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