It’s not as if Nate Diaz wants to spend time away from the Octagon. The 31-year-old UFC veteran hasn’t seen action in the cage since his August loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 202. But it’s not because he hasn’t wanted to compete, Diaz told the Los Angeles Times.

Diaz feels the UFC is just trying to keep him from competing.

“I know what this is: I’m being put on the shelf,” said Diaz. “That’s why I’m trying to get a boxing license.”

The Stockton, California native was one of the most popular fighters of 2016. Diaz defeated McGregor via shocking upset at UFC 196 in early March, and seemed to have hit superstardom following the victory.

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Nate Diaz Says No One Wants To Fight Him

A rematch against McGregor in August went down as one of the most successful UFC pay-per-views of all time. McGregor was able to exact revenge on Diaz, winning a majority decision. But after the fight, Diaz expressed his intent to only return to competition for a third McGregor fight.

Bouts against McGregor earned Diaz a lot of money — the most he has ever made in his career. So it comes as no surprise that he would naturally want another showdown with the Irish superstar.

However, it seemed unlikely that would happen after UFC President Dana White said a third McGregor-Diaz bout just wasn’t in the cards.

White sent a text message to the Los Angeles Times in response to Diaz saying he is being put on the shelf. He says he hasn’t heard from Diaz in quite some time.

“Nate said the only fight he wants is Conor,” responded White. “I haven’t heard a word from him [since August]. Usually when guys want a fight, they call.”

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

He Is Exploring Possibilities Of Big Fights In Boxing

Diaz going out to get a boxing license may mean he is searching for a big fight in boxing. Recently, the MMA and boxing ecosystem have crossed lines with potential matchups. The most high-profile of which is a possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Conor McGregor superfight. Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao’s name has also been thrown into the mix.

It would seem likely that Diaz entering the world of boxing would also draw considerable interest in the world of combat sports.

As for the UFC, Diaz says no one wants a piece of him, including McGregor. He mentions that there has been no offer to fight anybody. And that nobody wants to fight him.

“No one in MMA wants it,” said Diaz. “No one says they want a big-deal fight against me. If someone wants to fight, then let’s make a big deal.”

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